Friday, December 10, 2010

Risky business?

     So today I joined this "Blogging for Books" deal.  I'm not really sure how I feel about it and if I'll actually use it, though; the premise behind it is that they'll give me stuff in exchange for book reviews.  I'm already reviewing books, so I figured "why not?"  But honestly, I'm wary of anyone who promises me things just for my opinion, because usually I assume that my thoughts are really not of much interest to other people.

     I suppose, though, that there's little that can go wrong in this scenario.  Worst case:  they take my reviews, and I get nothing.  Am I worse off for it?  Not really, I'll pretty much be in the same spot... right?  I mean even if they don't fulfill their promises, I could potentially gain some fans. 

     So what do you, the readers, my spine crackers, think of this?  Good idea, bad idea?  Let me know, I could really use opinions, some feedback. 

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