Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

     So I know it's Tuesday and now it seems a little late for this, but yesterday was pretty busy and this is my first chance.  I worked all day Saturday, but we at Cracking Spines headquarters (a.k.a. "the house") had the day off and went about town.  Our stops:

  • Jo-Ann Fabrics.  New yarn, new knitting needles.  
  • Petsmart, but only to look.  I really want a kitten, but I'm "not allowed".  We spent ten minutes watching a turtle, hoping he would eat one of the fish floating by.
  • Borders.  Books for everyone!  I broke down and bought Shanghai Girls, because it was cheap and I wanted it.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings.  My first time.  Not bad.  Anyone ever tried the Buzztime game?  It's trivia, so I think I'd be pretty awesome at it.
     We also decided on a whim to go see Red Riding Hood.  I thought it was quite excellent, a very wonderful twist on an old favorite.  My companion did not like it,  but we don't exactly have the same taste in movies.  (My favorite:  Say Anything.  His favorite:  Old School.)

     That about covers it.  I'll be working all this weekend, so don't expect much then.  Happy Tuesday!

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