Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An unsatisfying call girl..

     I finished Secret Diary of a Call Girl.  It got more interesting with some relationship drama, but was ultimately a let down.  I guess at the end of the book I expect...something.  I should be able to take something away from it, right?  But the last page felt the same at the first.  There were a lot of predictable potential turnouts:

  1. Belle gives up being a call girl.
  2. Belle falls in love with a client.
  3. Belle gets pregnant.
  4. Belle and her boyfriend get married.
  5. Something humorously traumatizing, like meeting a client only to find out it's her father.
     None of that happened.  There was an argument, and then everything was about the same.  Usually when I finish a book, I feel...something.  I feel happy, or (if it ends badly), I feel sad.  Here, I just felt... disappointment.  It felt like a waste of hours of reading.  Belle went back to her old ways, and I went on to another book.

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