Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Love You Beth Cooper: A concise review.

     I Love You, Beth Cooper was a fast, easy read for me.  It took me all of three days; I looked forward to reaching its conclusion, and then felt a sense of loss when it was over.  It reads less like a book and more like a crazy, unbelievable teen movie that John Hughes would have directed.

     When Denis declares his love for Beth Cooper in his valedictory speech, he could never had predicted the calamity to come.  The night includes all the makings of a memorable graduation night:

1 dork
1 best friend of questionable sexuality
3 beautiful teenage girls
1 foolish infatuation
1 angry boyfriend
2 of angry boyfriend's cronies
1 lame party
1 wild party
2 wrecked cars
10 broken laws
2 calls to the police
1 group shower
Countless beatings
Several minors in possession of alcohol

and a bunch of other things that fall under the umbrella word "trouble".  All things considered, I Love You Beth Cooper is a riotous, coming-of-age story to which everyone can relate.  It is the journey of one young man looking for requited love.  But does he still want her once he stops dreaming of her and starts to really see her as she is?


  1. This is Jonathan Scott Wyllys, I just might read that book now that I read your review. Sounds right up my ally of high school caliber maturity. :p

  2. I love that you always identify yourself. And yes, you should read this. It's crazy and so are you.