Monday, November 22, 2010


     My next conquest is called Sheer Abandon.  I was going to read something else, but I kind of know the author, so I want to put that on hold until I find out if I could possibly get an interview.  I'm super excited at the very thought.  I love being a nerd.

     I thought it might be nice for me to start introducing books instead of just saying "Oh by the way, this is what I'm reading now."  So here are the stats:

Title:  Sheer Abandon
Author:  Penny Vicenzi
page count:  626 (not including the extras*, which bumps it up to 639)
Publisher:  Broadway Books
Year of Publication:  2005
ISBN:  978 0 7679 2625 6

     Stand back while I crack this spine.

*reader's guide; excerpt from the author's next novel.

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