Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love You, Spine Crackers

     All my work for The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula is finished.  My next conquest:  I Love You, Beth Cooper.

     I first encountered I Love You, Beth Cooper (written by Larry Doyle, who apparently used to write for The Simpsons) while browsing my favorite book store.  This was before the movie came out, before the trailers for the movie came out, before I was at all aware that there was a possibility of a movie.  Before it was in paperback, even.  (Based on the copyright date-- 2007-- it was probably as much as two, two and a half years ago.)  I was browsing fiction when the comical red cover caught my eye; against the bright background was a sketch of a dorky, acne-ridden teenage boy looking positively terrified.

     I held the heavy hardcover in my hands, gently turned it over to read the teasers on the back.  Immediately the outrageous, unbelievable story caught my attention.

     Dorky Denis Cooverman announces in his graduation speech, "I love you, Beth Cooper".  This could have been a really sweet, scene-from-a-movie moment... if Beth Cooper even knew Denis existed.  Not to mention, her beefy boyfriend is in town and he is not happy.  What follows?  Hilarity.

     I haven't seen the movie yet; I've been wanting to since it was released over a year ago, but I generally can't stand to watch a movie before I read the book.  Unless I don't know about the book, in which case I am probably not interested in it anyway.

     I came home, added it to my monstrous wish list.  I finally bought it last winter when someone thoughtfully gave me a gift card to my favorite book store.  I'm ashamed to say that I did buy the copy with the movie cover, but for one reason:  it was considerably cheaper, and I am not one to waste good gift card money. 

     For nearly a year, it's been sitting on the shelf with all my other hopefuls.  I Love You, Beth Cooper, today is your day.  It's your turn.

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